Old 61 Auto Sales has some options we believe you should hear about besides purchasing quality vehicles!

We have trade-in options! Come in to Old 61 and tell us what vehicle we can help you get into today!

We have consignment options! Not every dealership or car lot has consignment options for ANY type of Vehicle or Vehicle accessory! Boats, Campers, Trailers, 4-Wheelers, ATV’s, Motorcycles and More!

How consignment works is very simple!  Bring in your vehicle or whatever item you are trying to sell. We discuss what you want your item to be listed at. Then we just need a copy of your title within a week for our filing and paperwork purposes. We clean it up a little! Then we take pictures and post it on Facebook, Craigslist and Our Website. We also have other social media accounts we post to once in a while such as twitter and Instagram. Then it will be on the lot so people can view or test drive and learn more about the vehicle. All while you are at work or on vacation! It’s an easy and simple process we just charge a small fee when your vehicle sells!

So if you are interested in learning more about our trade in or consignment options please call 320-629-6161 or email at old61auto@gmail.com

Or easier yet! Come on in and have some coffee or fresh popcorn!

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